Industrial gas treatment systems

Industrial gas treatment systems are an imporatant item in our portfolio. The advanced industrial gas systems are constructed based on research and design activities of our business partners.

We offer the following environmental service packages:


1) Design, development, manufacturing, supply (incl. turnkey), warranty and post-warranty servicing of dedusting and related equipment:

• for industrial gas treatment (hose filters, non-explosive, cartridge and cyclone gas cleaners of any modification);

• filter accessories (bleed valves, hose sewing arms, filtering hoses and cartridges, hose reinforcements, control automation, pneumatic actuators, quick-closing valves);

• transport equipment (all types of conveyors),

• dosing equipment (all types of feeders and blinkers),

• pelletising equipment (dish-shaped nodulisers);

• closing devices (all types of valves, actuated or not);

• trucks and trolleys (hand, conveying, rail, lifting);

• non-standardised equipment (hatches, assemblies for dust unloading, telescopic loading devices).


2) Refurbishment of existing gas treatment equipment (obsolete hose filters and electric filters) to modern devices with hose filters and impulse recovery systems, using existing metal frames of dedusting structures and systems.


3) Design, manufacturing and supply of heat and electricity generating equipment using residual pressure of blast-furnace gas in turbines; treated gas can then be used in boilers (combustion) or transported to company gas mains.


4) Design manufacturing and supply of industrial plants for preparing and feeding of fuels based on coal dust.


5) Design manufacturing and supply of process plants for handling solid domestic waste:

• stationary;

• mobile (installed on railway carriages and truck trailers).