Products and services


DAC Motors a.s. is a supplier of equipment to energy industry and a provider of related professional services in the area of alternative heat production. 

We focus on construction of new facilities and renovations of old solid fuel fired boilers in a high-temperature circulating fluidized bed (CFB), as well as design, construction and upgrade of other types of boilers including alternative fuel boilers.

We also specialize in complex engineering and processing projects in the field of alternative thermal energy, and supply and all auxiliary equipment necessary for trouble-free operation of power and heat generation plants (eg. fans, flue gas extractors, conveyors, heat exchangers, etc.). We provide construction projects, and also offer monitoring of constructed buildings throughout their life cycle.

Our portfolio also includes advanced gas purification systems and dedusting systems designed on the basis of scientific and design activities of our partners. Among others we manufacture and supply electric motors for cooling towers.



Our portfolio of boilers includes the following product ranges

  • Solid fuel fired boilers with high-temperature circulating fluidized bed (CFB)
  • Gas steam boilers with a capacity from 2 to 200 tonnes of steam per hour and operating steam pressure from 0.9 to 3.9 MPa
  • Hot-water gas boilers with a capacity from 2 to 150 MW
  • Steam and hot-water boilers for heat and power generation from combustion of biofuels
  • Waste heat boilers and energy process boilers for use in metallurgical and chemical facilities and plants processing crude oil and gas, paper industry, glassworks and gas turbine power plants

We also offer large portfolio of components for boilers

  • Burner equipment from 1 to 40 MW
  • Components and assembly units for piping for thermal and nuclear power plants
  • Connecting parts for piping for the crude oil and gas industry
  • Spare parts for boilers 

Engineering, preparation of projects

Among others DAC Motors focuses on comprehensive engineering in the alternative heating industry, i.e., construction and monitoring of the implemented structures throughout their lifecycle. We also supply all auxiliary devices (fans, waste gas exhausters, conveyors, transporters, heat exchangers, non-standard equipment, etc.) for failure-free operation of energy facilities.

Gas washing systems

A gas washing system is an integral part of solid fuel boiler plants. The primary devices used and offered are:

  • cyclone gas cleaners
  • cyclone cleaners-spark traps
  • hose filters