Steam and hot-water biofuel-fired boilers

We offer highly efficient boiler and piping equipment for application in energy production and industry. Steam and hot-water biofuel-fired boilers can be supplied both as “turnkey” and in a degree of assembly that the customer requires.

Advantages of steam and hot-water biofuel-fired boilers:

  • Boilers designed for combusting two types of fuel: biofuel (sunflower seed husks) and natural gas, shifting from one fuel to the other without boiler shutdown.
  • Rated output with production of steam at the rated parameters is ensured when burning either fuel (waste husks or natural gas).
  • The boiler combustion chamber is not equipped with heavy mechanical components, increasing the operating reliability of the boiler as a whole and reducing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Boilers are supplied for operating pressures up to 4 MPa.
  • Boilers are fully automated, including a heating area cleaning system. This enables operating them without output decreases for cleaning. Thus, the annual steam production in a boiler significantly exceeds that made in boilers requiring periodic manual cleaning. The boiler operation is only interrupted for mandatory breaks within the company operating process.
  • The large vertical cooling chamber (combustion chamber) makes it possible to cool even the ashes to a solid state, reducing clinging of soft particles on heating surfaces, while attaining a high heat exchange efficiency.
  • Free access to the heating surfaces is ensured due to their design layout, significantly facilitating inspection and repair while in operation.
  • The use of modern cleaning devices (blowing devices) makes it possible to reduce the temperature of waste gases behind the boiler to 150-160°С, increasing the gross efficiency of the boiler.

The stepped (four-step) blown air feed circuit to the combustion area (unlike the stechiometric production of fuel-air mixture) helps combustion at a relatively low temperature around 1100-1200°С and ensures sufficient stability of the combustion 


Most of our steam and hot-water biofuel-fired boilers are manufactured by company ZKO. ZKO employs the latest technologies and methods of quality management, guaranteeing reliability and long equipment lifetime. The manufacturing section of the facility features cutting-edge equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. The plant applies a quality management system certified for compliance with ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) standards. The production reflects companies’ particular process requirements and customers’ wishes. The company’s experts pay great attention to environmental protection issues and minimisation of air emissions from boiler operation.


Steam boiler burning sunflower seed husks. Output up to 25 t/hr, 2.4 MPa, t=300°C