Waste heat boilers and energy process boilers

One of our company’s primary activities is the manufacturing and sales of modern waste heat boilers for application in energy-demanding processes in the chemical and petrochemical industries, glassworks and paper mills.


Waste heat boilers and energy process boilers are parts of process plants without which primary manufacturing of products could not take place under the present conditions.

In terms of design, waste heat boilers are discerned by:

  • heat exchange type
  • design layout
  • water circulation principle
  • smoke flue layout
  • type of combusted and cooled process material
  • equipment type
  • draught assurance method
  • style of implementation





When making new designs for waste heat boilers and energy process boilers, and based on customer requirements, we consider experience of operation of existing structures in the chemical and petrochemical industries, and we implement novel technical designs focused on extending the lifetime and operating reliability of the boilers.

For existing process plants, we make designs for refurbishment and replacement of previously installed energy process boilers and waste heat boilers made both domestically and abroad, and we supply spares.

Design series of waste heat boilers

Waste heat gas boilers are a separate type of boilers, in which the utilisation gas passes through evaporation surface pipes. Thanks to the impermeability of the whole structure, this design series of boilers is widespread in the chemical and petrochemical industries. 


This property permits the use of these boilers in the following areas:

  • cooling of process and waste aggressive and non-aggressive gases;
  • neutralisation of hydrogen sulphide gases;
  • high-temperature conversion of hydrogen sulphide by combustion;
  • production plants for weak nitric acid;
  • various processes for obtaining elementary sulphur. 


When cooling the supplied gases, the gas boilers produce saturated or superheated steam, depending on the company’s process requirements; this design series does not require any special bricking and is characterised by high gas-tightness, comfortable operation, reduced requirements for feed water, and an environmentally friendly attitude to production.

The use of unit design facilitates installation and increases maintenance and repair ability. Waste heat boilers are equipped with platforms and ladders for maintenance and repairs, necessary closing and control fittings, safety valves, accessories, inspection and metering instruments.